Space Route X7 has been released!Play it here.

2015 players choice – SlideDB

What an ending to the year! The Space Route x7 has been rated among first five upcoming games in year 2016!Thanks to voters and SlideDb! Read he article here.

!Open Beta! – tablets support?

Yep, new beta has tablet support and some minor fixes…Since we/I as developer do not have tablet…my god be with us ? Please do not forget to mail us any weird stuff you encounter. Thanks!

TOP 50

Yep, Space Route x7 entered TOP 50 games on slideDB! Thanks for voting!

Tablet support on the way

Android tablets support on the way! Yep, this game will support tablets ? 5:4 ones…actually portrait ones 4:5….pfff…one can easily get lost in those aspet ratios mumbo jumbos ? Hopefully it will get on the open beta 0.95

!Open Beta! oO

Yes, open beta is alive and kicking. Feel free to test it on android phone/tablet on Google play: Cheers, OlG

Space Route x7 on Slide DB

Space Route x7 is now on the Slide DB voting page for APP of the year 2015.Current status:Thanks for clicking the link and voting! If you share it on FB, TW, LinkedIn…you get our gratitude beyond the known universe 🙂OlG